Google fusion table of the Irish population by county.

Fusion Table

Irish county by population Google fusion table link.

Heat map construction:

  • I obtained the raw data from two sources.
  • The first source was this link This provided the raw kml data for each Irish county. The kml data file basically provided the geometry for each county.
  • The second source was from this link This provided the population per county. I needed to clean up this data and input it into a Microsoft excel spreadsheet. The final spreadsheet contained just the following columns; County, Population and Population Density. I calculated the population density by using the following formula; Population/County area.
  • I then created two fusion tables from the spreadsheet and the kml data file and saved them on my Google drive.
  • The fusion table created from the spreadsheet contained columns, County, Population and Population Density. The fusion table created from the kml data file contained three columns; Name (of County), Description and Geometry (containing the kml data).
  • I then merged the two fusion tables using the merge tool. I fused together the two tables for the following columns Name, Population,Population Density and Geometry.
  • I set the location marker to geometry.
  • In “Feature map” –  “Change features styles” – “Polygons” – “Fill Color”, I clicked on the radio button for “Show a gradient” and set column for “Population Density”.
  • I set the gradient to darkest for those counties with the highest population densities.
  • These settings display very well the varying intensities of the population density for each county.
  • I set the information window upon clicking on a county to display the following; County name, Population and Population Density.
  • I also included a population density legend in the right hand corner.
  • I finished off by publishing my fusion table and also changing the visibility setting to “public”.

Information gleamed at a glance.

  • One can gleam from the fusion map at a quick glance the counties that have the highest population densities with just a quick reference to the legend in the bottom right hand corner.
  • If I am interested in a particular county, I can get more specific information on it by clicking anywhere within that county’s boundary. After clicking it, I will be shown for that county the following; County name, Population and Population Density.
  • It can be seen quite easily from the map that the population density is most prominent in Leinster and in particular county Dublin and it’s surrounding counties. The map also shows high regional population densities in Galway and Cork.
  • This is in agreement with the continual trend of population increases in Dublin and it’s surrounding counties and to a lesser extent Galway and Cork.

Implications for now and the future.

  • There is a vast array of implications and ideas that can be taken based on their population densities shown in the map.
  • Education – Future schools may need to be built based on current and emerging trends – map the country’s schools.
  • Rural development – Can accurately target areas that need development.
  • Health – Future hospitals may need to be built based on current and emerging trends – map the country’s hospitals.
  • Road network/infrastructure – Targeted development on specific areas and focusing on key areas for consistent maintenance – map the country’s road network.
  • Communications – Help in adequately facilitating high demand areas.
  • Business planning and mapping – Setting up businesses to take advantage of certain population densities. Helping multi-national companies and foreign direct investment target areas more effectively.



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